Game Day!!

So I have this friend is how I have started the past couple bloggies. But this one is about the day that Victoria and I had.

We made SWEATSHIRTS for the game. We are in the MUSS. Sectin 38, Row 13 (You can’t come down there unless you have a ticket to prove you sit down there) and some seat (#3). Basically on the 25 yard line, I think. It’s pretty bomb.

But back to our sweatshirts. We went to Smith’s Marketplace and got two black sweatshirts. Mine was Hooded and Victoria’s was crew. We than went to Michael’s and got embroidered letters. Mine goes Red star, White u, Red t, White a, Red S and a Red star.

Pretty simple task after that. Figure out how you want them laid out. Not too high not to low that they hid but perfect. Than you heat the sweatshirt, stick the letters on, and then hold it for 30 seconds. Then turn it inside out and hold it for another 30 seconds. Then lastly, let it cool.

It is the coolest sweatshirt because I made mine. It’s fairly warm and I get cold easily.

Want to see a pic?

Okay. Here you go.

Slightly more flattering photo. Less of the sweatshirts though.

See the sweatshirts? Ignore the stoned look on my face. I was tired.

But ain’t they cute??
Are you jealous?

I would be.


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