It’s Amazing

The Swine. What the Heck. Can I honestly say that swine flu sucks major bum-bum? It was horrid. I got a very mild case which I was so grateful for but man, it stunk. I would get some energy, than crash, and it just kept repeating.

But I’m finally up and running again. I missed my class and test yesterday. It’s okay. I would have not done so well, because I couldn’t focus. I still can’t focus. I’m in class right now and I’m in la-la land.

I was talking to my friend and he was telling me that he can tell when I’m having conversations with myself. It was funny how he described how I looked. I guess I get a look that says “I’m not really here. I am in my own world.”

I have conversations with myself. I talk to myself. I work problems out with myself. I am my own best friend. Especially when I need

“Girl, you stink. Get yourself in that shower.”
“What if so and so get’s hurt?”

The list goes on. When I was little, I guess I would tell my mom that I would hear voices. Great, I’m crazy.

I guess it’s official. I’m a nut case.

But I don’t hear the voices anymore. PHEW……… I just talk to myself. Maybe that is why I have such a good imagination.


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