It’s snowing. Already. I’m about to go potty in my pants, Seriously. Who wants it to snow in OCTOBER!!! Shesh. Man. This has to be some harsh, horrible, cruel and underserving joke to someone, namely ME.

Out come the uggs, out come the hand warmers, out come the snow jackets and out come the long sleeve thermal shirts. Out comes the mugs of Hot Chocolate. Out comes the snow shovels and snow thrower. Out comes a whole bunch of firelogs that will keep me warmer and enjoying the cold. Oh, that is what I needed at Costco, FIRELOGS. Darn. I forgot.
You know. I don’t like the cold, do you remember last spring when it was still snowing and I was complaining? Well, it starts again. My fingers shrink, I can bundle up and not look like a marshmellow because it’s just my coat and best of all, I can stay in my bed because it’s cold.
Maybe I like the cold. I may just enjoy it this winter.
But really? Snow in October BEFORE HALLOWEEN. I have a football game to go to on Saturday. Shesh, Man. Can you do me a favor? Warm up to 55 degrees, maybe? I’m not asking for too much. If I were, I would be asking for it to be in the 60’s but I’m not. I really am not. I just don’t want to have hand warmers down my back pockets, in my front pockets, in my hands and even in my coat.
Okay. I’m going to go melt in the snow because I’m sugar and that’s what happens when sugar gets wet, it melts. I am going to melt. This makes me think of the Wicked Witch “I’M MELTING, I’M MELTING.”

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