Fall Break.

My goodness. It’s FALL BREAK! I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. Here’s what happened! Kapesh?
I’ve adopted 3 more nieces and nephews. They are my first cousin once removed children. I am in love with them, a whole bunch. Little girl is 9 months old and decided to swallow a screw. So on Sunday, I followed Jen and baby girl to the Children Care Center, basically a walk in for children. They took an x-ray, found that INDEED little girl swallowed a screw and then sent us home to watch for it to come out in her POOP. Good thing that was her mother’s job. Haha. 
Monday. I worked. Nuff Said.
Tuesday- I worked. I then went to Park City to buy my friend her purse. Coach was having an amazing SALE. I love SALES. It’s called the Breast Cancer Coupon Sale where everything is pretty much already on sale, then you get an additional sale price AND THEN you donate a cash donation of a dollar or more (per item) and you get 25% more off. Basically the purses that I bought and my friend bought were 125% off. Isn’t that GRAND!! $438 down to $89.99. Okay, maybe not 125% off but you get my drift, correct?
Wednesday. Worked. Ate. Cleaned. Not a whole lot happened here.
Thursday. Worked. Started dog sitting. Ate somemore. Same here, nothing much.
Friday. Yes. Friday. No work. Yard work. Bath and body works. Victoria Secret’s for new under clothing. Dog sit still. OH. I learned how to make a mp3 cd. Yeah, sounds high tech and baby, it is. I’m just that cool, smirk smirk.
And Now. Saturday. I will be going to Dog Class. I will be doing more yard work. I will be getting the oil changed in my car, which is my unfavorite thing to do. I will be playing with Otis and Macie, I then get to go babysit for these cute kids I met up in Washington. The “S” first name family. They are cute!! I’m excited to see them.
Sunday. Otis leaves, sadly. I like him being here. He’s company for the rat dog, Macie. 
Macie is going to be learning a whole bunch of new tricks! I’m pumped. I’ll tell ya’ll later. 

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