There is nothing new to write about.

So sweetheart, there is nothing new to talk about. I’m about to do another round of renting out my basement. I’m dealing with a dog that’s in heat and boy, is it gross. I’m dealing with work.  

My birthday was yesterday, 10-4 good buddy!! It rocked. I got to go to Conference!! I got some amazingly cute boots, a sweet lucky jacket which I am in love with and the most goregous purse every that I may sleep with because it is the special. You know how I am gardening now? Well, my cousin who is my adopted sister got me a gardening book which she says is her “bible.” 
My brother-in-law called and wished me a happy birthday then put my sweet little nieces on and they wished me a happy birthday.  It was too cute!! I loved it. 
I haven’t been writing on here alot  because there isn’t anything that I can write about. Macie is going to be taking puppy classes starting this Saturday. It’s going to be nice to see the change that will come from her learning obedience. I would be so excited!!
I just snorted in class. How horrible. Better pay attention.

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