I suck but it’s okay because

I’m becoming amazing.

Look at what’s been going on.

Look at those iris’ in the back, yah, they are no longer there and look on the right side behind the strawberries, they are not longer there either, BOOYAH.

Ignore Macie’s butt, see on the left side of her, those two plants are gone. The giant plant will be divided, and the lilies, iris’ and shasta daisies will come forward. Plus like 8 new plants.

Sleeping with bats because drunks want to get into my hosue. What is up with stupid people who waste so much of their time drunk? I DO NOT GET IT.

The start of my new dresser!! Yes. I built it. No, I didn’t break anything.

Wha-la. The finished product sideways. All the drawers work too!! 
So I may not be the best at blogging but I’m dang good at house and yard work.
*I think I pulled me hip. I feel a little like an old person.*
Please don’t come visit. I may greet you at the front door with a bat.


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