There is nothing to write about.

I’m out of words. Nothing I write sounds good so I have like 5 drafts of unfinished blogs because they don’t sound right to me. I’ve kinda disapeared from the radar. It’s been nice. Last night, I built a dresser with my own bare hands (Ikea Produced) and it is fully functioning. I was going to post pictures of the event but of course, I am too unmotivated to post the pictures after I made sure I actually took them along with the finished product.

Since living by myself, I’ve decided to make the house cuter. Put pictures here and there and rearrange furniture, etc. It’s been sweeeet. I’m not gonna lie. I’m digging the freedom of not having to worry about leaving room for others belongings to go.

My art class is easy but I guess my art teacher is picky. She gave me 10 out of 25 on my first assignment. Shh, don’t tell the mother.

Macie has a buddy named Otis but he will be moving in two weeks. Him and his parents are moving. I will be finding new downstairs people soon. This is sad because my happy little married couple is the best that anyone could have asked for. They are so helpful, kind and considerate people and I am so grateful that since a year they been here, they have been the fresh breath of clean air, is that the correct saying?

I’m tired. I’m going to go to bed and sleep and dream of cute boys.


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