My goodness.

There has been no excitment around these parts of Salt Lake but just when I am getting comfortable with all of that, something beyond creepy happens!!!

So on Friday night or early Saturday morning, a drunk guy knocks on my door. I peeked out my bedroom window and only saw the back of his head and thought he looked a little like the guy who lives downstairs so I went to open to door only to find out it wasn’t my downstairs guy but a seriously plastered college guy. I have a screen door that I am able to lock and I did locked it that night, THANK GOODNESS, so the guy could not get into the house but he was wiggling the door handle trying to get me to unlock it.

He was so plastered he was only speaking french, francis. I could understand bits and pieces of what he was saying but I was like “I don’t speak french, you need to leave.” I then shut the door, shut all my windows and double checked to make sure he wasn’t at my door.

“Vous parle francis?” “Non, leave.”

I decide to go get back into bed but I was pretty shaken up. Around 30 minutes later, I hear voices and I’m like “What the crap” I look out my other bedroom window and THERE HE IS. He is at my neighbors house trying to get into their HOUSE TOO!!!! He sat there for about 20 minutes and then the cops come. He is speaking PERFECT english by this point (he didn’t have a french accent, so he wasn’t from France, I think Mister Drunk served a mission there), I think my sprinkler system sobered him up a little bit (he sat on my grass until they came on, I found a body laying mark), and the cops got him to leave and then he left.

So. That is my drama. Ha. Isn’t it special.

Oh, yes, I was scared to go to bed last night. My good friend, Ryan, told me to get a “Protected by the U.S Army Sticker” since he is in the army. I may take him up on it.


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