The blog police was called.

Shesh. I’m sorry. Actually, no I am not sorry. I didn’t feel like blogging therefore I didn’t. This week flew by. There has been MILLIONS of emotions flowing through my veins, excitment, saddness, longing, anger, disappointment and so on. But those are mine to know.

This week, I got to learn how to remove soap from walls, putty and then paint them.

This week, my sweet (demon) puppy accidently tried to bite a little boy for running past at the school where I pick up Jocelyn, the girl I nanny. She isn’t vicious, she is sweet and she wasn’t like this before we went home for the summer. She smothers Jocelyn and Maklayne with kisses. It scares me because if she does hurt someone, she can be put down for being a harmful dog. I think the neighbor boys did something to her while we were in Washington because she doesn’t like boys on bikes or boys who run past her. I have enrolled her in doggy school. I hope that she will get over her fear of boys and bikes

I started this “blog” at like 5 PM today. By 8:33 PM, I am working in my own office. I have an office. It’s empty except for my desk, computer, chair and a light but IT’S MINE!! The walls are painted and it smells good and I’m in heaven. I have some organizing to do in my room, I lost a shelf of perfume but I will get it all figured out. The office will eventually be given a bed, a dresser and possibly a tv.

Silly is a word that my friend has been using to describe me. My response “I’s not silly.” or “How’s I silly?” But obviously, I am. It’s been weird, transitioning back into Utard life. (Utard = Utah) it’s weird not being able to pick up the phone and call Jessica and have her swing by or go to lunch with Carly. It’s just weird.

I am always tired. I am going to go cuddle up in my cozy bed, once I remove all the crap, I mean stuff, off of it.

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