What a life.

It has been crazy. I feel like I have been running crazy since last Saturday, like August 15th when I came home from Washington to Utah.

We arrived in SLC at 12 AM on Sunday morning. I stayed up until 3 cleaning, unpacking and trying to become tired. Sunday morning, I know, we went shopping for food.

I cleaned some more, unnessacary carpet cleaned some more, unpacked some more, five loads of laundry and then slept. Monday, I started to repack for my best friends wedding.

I left early on Tuesday morning for Wisconsin. I arrived in Wisconsin after a lay over in St. Paul. I was picked up by my new adopted parents and we went to get lunch. I took my wallet in with me as we walked into Taco Bell. We ordered, we sat, we ate, we left. As we are driving across the border into Illinois, I realized I left my wallet, only my debit card, license and 100 bucks, at TACO BELL. I instantly call my mom to get my banks phone number to cancel my debit card. I then called Taco Bell. 2 hours from the time we left, my wallet had been stolen.

We drove in Nauvoo. Love it there. Such a pretty place. We got lost twice. But we made it there on Tuesday night around 7:30. We played until about 11 or 12 in the morning. We then got up at 8 ish to go touring around the town. I got a horse shoe, I got a nail ring ( i forgot what it was called), I got a flattened penny from the alan house, I got a Nauvoo brick. I even got to do Baptisms for the Dead in the Nauvoo Temple!!!

Thursday, what is there to say about Thursday. Katie and Adam got married. Special day.

Friday, we drove back to Wisconsin. They had their wedding reciption. I almost caught the bouquet but a girl wanted it so bad she was willing to fight me for it, therefore i hit it away and she dove for it and made a fool of herself. Rewarding, Yes. But I do have a flower from it!!

Saturday. I flew home. I carried two bouquets with me. In St. Paul, the flowers’ water leaked and it looked like I peed myself. I saw a he-she who was worse as a female then her original male self. Made it home only to start school two days later.

Needless to say, I have been busy.


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