Okay, you want the details?

It is possibly official. We probably are moving. West a half of mile (up the hill) and North a mile (turn right).

Follow the road until you hit the blinking red light, go straight through the stop sign, go 4 streets down, turn left then do an immediate right into the brick house.

Did you follow my instructions?

Let me give you a tour through. Please park your car in the drive-way. Then proceed to the front door. If you wish, you can ring the door bell or use the angel knocker (which I hope is removed). As I open the door, you see a wall of stairs, to your right you see the living room where our piano will stand, to your left you will see probably a closed door (the Mother’s Den).

I will lead you through the living room into the dining room where our table and buffet will stand. Now, please follow me through a pocket door into the kicthen. Three walls of counter space, 2 appliance cupboards, an island, and a “bar”. As you walk through, you will run into the nook area where the rooster light fixture hangs. You may notice to your left, an actual walk-in pantry and then a door to the “side yard” with a breezeway to the “home office.”

But back to the house, follow me into the family room, watch your step, it’s a step down. You see the fireplace, the log storage area, correct? Okay. Good. Now watch your step, we are going back into the nook to go back to the entry way.

Are you lost? Just pretend to follow along. Okay?

Let’s skip the rest of downstairs, all it is is a powder room, 3 coat closets (these people must have had a lot of coats), and the garage which has a little boys room, literally.

Up the stairs we go. It’s not to bad, is it? We are now at the landing. Go to your right, oh a little more right and you will see my room which for the time being is WINNE THE POOH. You know how much I dig him right? He is my man. My room has a bathroom connected but it is the only full bath besides the master.

Go back to the landing, then go straight into the master suite. Nice, huh? Yup, that would be a little sitting area with a closet or two on that side. Now, we enter the bathroom. Did I hear a gasp? Yes, I did. It probably was because of the mural painted on the wall, right? Or is it the 8 person hot tub? Both things deserve a couple gasps. His and her sinks and then a shower and a potty are inclosed behind another door. Oh, I forgot to show you the walk in closet but who needs to know about that? Back to the landing, please.

Let’s go down this hall, on your left, the potential work out room. Farther down the hall and a left turn would be the guest room on your right. Keep going, the last room is at the very end, over the garage, this is the stampin’ up room.

I left out the laundry room and a powder room between the guest room and the stampin up room but you get the idea.

Another maybe move.

I’m packing my belongings already, just in case.

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