As I look at this gloomy window.

I think about where my dear ole friend the sun went. Fog covers the valley in a blanket of gray fluffy stuff. I just realized that I will be starting back up to school in about 2 weeks. That is CRAZY!

The start of my 2nd year in college. The end of my sophomore year, okay fall 2009 will still be my sophmore year. The beginning of my junior year is almost here, spring 2009.

So I have 42.9 credits already. Every 30 bumps you up to a higher “level” so to speak, freshman 0-30, sophmore 31-60, junior 61-90 and senior 91-122 in my case.

My program is 5 years. But if you look at my timeline, I have to haul BUTT my actual junior year meaning next year.

Since I got amazing residency, I get to take classes next summer, YES SUMMER SCHOOL. =( I’m only planning on taking a couple classes each semester, the classes have to be online because during the summer, I will be working full time, 12 hour days, YAHOO. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Fall ’09- 12 credits
Spring ’10- 12 to 15 credits
Summer ’10- 3 to 6 credits
Fall ’10- 12 to 15 credits
Spring ’11 -12 to 15 credits
Fall ’11- Cohort Year!!!!

This is all tenitive and runs on the fact that I only take 12 classes during Fall and Spring and during the Summer take 6. Doing a 5 year program in 4 years. AMAZING!

I’m sick.

I’m going to go back to bed.

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