I lost it.

Ever had those moments when you just crack and want everything that is bugging you to just disapear?

I cracked.

Sometimes, mom’s know this, you just want your “children” to disapear. I admit that I wanted Macie to disapear earlier today. Having Zeo and Macie together is great but Zeo listens, Zeo comes, Zeo doesn’t tug on his leash and the list goes on. All Macie does is bark, refuse to do “down” and tug on her leash.

She is Satan, if you heard Ren’s testimony in church.

Therefore, I was tired of her.

On our walk, Zeo proudly walking beside me without his leash on (we were in a greenbelt area) and Macie tugging on her leash is where I cracked. I mean, LOST IT.

I actually let completely go of her leash, grabbed Zeo and started to walk away from her. When she realized I took her buddy, she followed. I praised her with treats and pets, then thought “maybe, she will behave well if her and Z are off their leashes together.” WRONG. SO WRONG.

She ignores walking by me and Zeo who is just her little follower, follows. I turn around, shake the treats and start to walk away. Less then 15 seconds later, I turn around and they are GONE. I MEAN OUT OF SIGHT GONE.

I run, more like huff and puff, down the trail where they could have gone and when the little girl dog sees me, SHE RUNS AWAY. Of course, little man stops and then follows me running along beside me. I catch up to her, stomp on her leash and pick her up and start walking home with Zeo walking beside me still without his leash on.

After a few steps, I let her down and hold her leash, she walks next to me so every few feet, I stop and give her a treat for not tugging. She keeps walking that way so I again let her off her leash with GREAT results this time. She walks next to me. Stops when I stop. I reward her like crazy because that is the type of walking behavior I want and need from her.

Dogging school here she comes.


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