When tough times come a knocking.

It’s annoying to be constantly looking over your shoulder but that is what I do.

I look over my shoulder to make sure my car won’t get keyed. I look over my shoulder to make sure I am not being followed. I look over my shoulder to make sure I won’t get run into.

I’m not a fearful person, I’m not. I take challenges and adventures head on. But I’m cornered. I don’t know if my friend is my friend. I don’t know if it’s a fun-tab-u-lous game called “Who can get Courtney to crack first.” But I’m taking it head on. I’m taking the risks. Yes, I may be checking over my shoulder but that is because I’m protecting myself. But you know. I’m tough. You find out who your real friends are and then you are grateful for them and you don’t take them for granted.

Last night, Carly and I threw a bon fire. It was super fun. We just talked and laughed and chilled and took pictures. We took a boat load of pictures. With Carly, we always take good pictures.

Last night, I realized, again that Carly and I will always be friends. No matter what. Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad, we will be there for each other.

I love her.

She’s a true friend.


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