The confession I have to make.

So. I was supposed to go to the Bite yesterday but I bailed because I spent time with my niece which I am so glad I did because…..

it was super funny. I haven’t laughed like that in a long while. We went to the mall and shopped and she ended up buying some stuff which turned into a headache because she had to return stuff at the same time but fun, really, it was.

We then met up with the parents, her grandparents and went and had dinner at the Nordstrom’s Cafe Bistro. Delicious. Need I say more?

We then hauled it over to see Belma. Anyone who has met her knows just how cool, sweet and funny she is. She’s the manager at Fine Fragrance Counter in Nordstroms, give her business, yo.

By this point, we are practically running through the mall because I forgot what time the proposal actually started. Whoops. We ended up getting there 10 mintues before the actual start time. We sat on the front row before the ghetto seats, very nice, had a bar to put our feet up on. Then right as the movie starts, there is a seat between me and the people I don’t know, this MAN, I’m capitalizing MAN because I have never sat this close to a complete stranger before, asks to sit there.

What can I say? No, I have this empty seat for my purse? No, I couldn’t, so He sat by me.

I then decided my niece would be the perfect person to sit close to so I snuggled on up to her. Movie is playing. We are laughing. We are crying from laughing and I place my phone in the cup holder, on silent.

Movie ends. I grab my purse. I stand up and walk out. We walk to my silver Univerisity of Utah tagged car and get in and drive. Drive home. We pull up to the house. Grab our stuff. Get out. Lock the car. Go inside.

I look in my purse, there is no cell phone. Where is my cell phone? (It’s in that stinking cup holder)

I call Cineplex and they say “No cell phones have been turned in.” DAHHH. My heart goes pitter patter.

Welll, I will come down there and find it myself, I said to myself.

Off to the movies again. While driving, big no-no, I keep calling my phone on my nieces phone.

HE PICKS UP but DOESN’T respond.

He has my phone.

He called me “MA’M.”

I get my phone after some guy put in in his butt pocket, yuck.

Happy story? I think yes.

Late night, yes and obviously, I’m up and tired but I’m going to be in a Corvette show in Mill Creek. Heck Yes. Come visit. There will be 4 “Sassy Cassie” Family Vehicles.


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