Long time no see ya friend.

You know when you are gone for awhile, everyone has questions, this is the question I lovingly get asked

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Well thanks but I’m on the market for a nice, clean cut, hardworking, caring, and exciting boy.

Do you know any? Let’s post a craigslist.com ad and then post on KSL.com. I’m sure we could get a lot of takers. LOL. Maybe go on Seriously So Blessed “momatchalor.” or the old fashion way, dates.

Since I just got to Washington for a wee bit, family and friends keep asking that dang ole question. I just laugh and chuckle and say “Nope. Do you know of any cute boys?”

I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks. It’s been nice.

I went to mazatlan, fell in love with a waiter, good joke right, got an ear hurting infection, got two BIG shots in my bum which still hurts, had an allergic reaction to meds, almost wanted to pop a kid in the head as she kept hitting me while i slept, taken a lot of pictures, went parasailing, step on a catcus, went snorkling in the ocean, held an octopus (yes, i’m a big girl now), got boat sick, went to a Mexico and got whistled at and honked at millions of times, got asked if I wanted to go dancing with a guy who could have been a twin of someone I have dated which I polietly declined (shhh, Jess), swam in warm ocean water, left less then 24 hours later for Utah, and now wide awake.

Want to see the hot, amazing, cute, funny and adorable waiter. Oh, my gosh, he is so dreamy. I’m waiting for the picture. You will see what I mean. Oh and he smelt soooo good.

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