Road Trip.

As I lay here, in my wonderful, cozy bed, I think about the last three days. The last two days I’ve driven through 3 states, seen many cops, seen many rude truckers, seen many old nice people that like to wave and even a car total itself, not my doing by the way.

I made my trek from the valley of the desert to the evergreen state. I’ve crossed through Idaho into Oregon and then over the overpass into Washington.

On Sunday, Jessica flew into Utah. As I was on my way to pick her up, I SAW a car tire BLOW UP and then the car lose control and crash into the median. I was about a 1/2 mile back with about 6 or 7 cars in front of me. I slowed down, like others, to check and make sure the passengers were okay and I didn’t see any blood so I carried on my merry way. Don’t judge, I had to be at the airport and others had stopped to help.

On our way back from the airport, we saw the car and a police car waiting for, I assume, a tow truck, as I said he crashed into the median. There was no blood. There were no aid cars.

That night, we star gazed. Being at 4,497 elevation, you get to see PRETTY stars. My house is located under the big dipper lately so I got to watch the big dipper. OKay, maybe it isn’t located under the big dipper BUT i see the big dipper easily.

Monday. Monday. Monday. We got to go to the Oqurrih Temple. It is a pretty Temple but I LOVE the Draper Temple. Something about the Draper Temple makes me love it even more. We then got CAFE RIO and boy was that good. I hadn’t ate real food in what seemed like days so it hit the spot.

After Cafe Rio, we loaded up the car, said our goodbyes and went on our merry way up I-15, then I-84 until we hit Twin Falls. You know how much I LOVE Twin Falls. We stayed the night there. Fell in love with two puppies. Played with my adopted niece and sister and slept hard.

Tuesday, Today, came way to fast. Piper, my adopted niece pittered across the upstairs, we slept in the basement, Macie heard Pipe’s footsteps and decided it was time to get up. Wendy was still sleeping so I brought Pipe downstairs to cuddle with Jess and I.

That didn’t last long.

She was up and running soon after that. Dragged us both out of bed and we were soon out the door from that point on.

On our journey again. I-84 West bound toward Boise, Idaho. I-84 through Oregon. I-82 through Yakamia. At Ellensburg, we switched to I-90. I-90 then had us take I-405 and then we got to see the good ole I-5 until we pulled up onto 19th ave, saw the stake center and knew we were close.

Drove. Red light, Speed Limit. Park the car. Put Macie on a leash. She flew out of the car and as her feet hit the pavement, she started playing with Zeo.

The day has worn me out. I’ll post pictures soon.

P.S. I punched Jessica for trying to steal my fuzzy. Girl, get your own.


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