A puff a lump for 30 CENTS!!

You may be wondering what is a puff a lump. It is the shower luffa. Is that how you spell luffa? It’s the shower spongey thingy ma bobber that lathers your body wash.

SEE!!!!! I guess they are called Gauze Sponges. I like puff a lumps better, but that may just be me.

I got two for 60 CENTS!! They are ugly colors and I hate the colors but the ugliness beats the fact that they were 30 cheap cents each.

I worked at BBW today. I shouldn’t have. I am sick.

But then if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have be able to get my ugly puff a lumps.

Well, i am super tired. I am gonna go pass out in my warm cozy bed. I am sincerly excited. I like the word sincerly. Maybe I can be sane and write about how my co-worker got a free dog that is super cute tomorrow.



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