It’s a new day, I guess.

I just got back from seeing the proposal with Courtney and oh my heck, that is my new favorite movie. It was so cute. =) LOVED IT!!!

Today, or yesterday or on Tuesday, we hit 85 degrees. I decided to go sit out in my backyard with a tank and some shorts on because my suits are packed for Washington. Right there, when I say I sat in a tank and shorts, you know something is bound to go wrong, right? Well, you would be right because, it get’s personal here, i had my t-shirt bra on which means it doesn’t leave markings that can be seen through a t-shirt therefore it has ribbing because it is seamless. I guess to leave out details, I have a ribbing tan/burn line.

My neck to upper chest is well crispy but my arms are brown. I kept spraying on the oil which is probably were I went wrong. I only put on spf 8. Yes, I will pay later, but I kept my face covered so it’s all good, I won’t have bad wrinkles on my face!! YAHOO.

So I got a rebate card because i’m smart in that sense and I used it today and I’m nervous that i’m going to go over because the last place I used it, I said “Only put $5 on this” and the guy was like “well it went through.” So now, I’m toasted and baked and nervous because I HAVE NEVER OVERDRAWN and I don’t know what verizon will do.

What if they hunt me down and make me pay extra money because of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now do you see why I am up at 1 in the morning!!! Because I’m fretting. I should be sleeping because I have plans tomorrow but no, I’m nervous. I’m stinking SCARED.

Last time I was this freaked out was when I had a STORAGE UNIT in my name and they kept calling me because someone hadn’t paid their BILL. but everything got straightened out and it wasn’t my stuff in the first place BUT THIS IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s almost like a panic attack, my fingers are typing faster then the words can come into my brain and out through my fingers therefore alot of re-typing and that is even more nerve whatever because I used to be good at typing.

Can this effect my credit score?

I’m going to have more bad dreams tonight or barely sleep or not sleep or itch myself until I hurt. I was going to be graphic but then I decided, shoot, they don’t want to picture that so I stopped. SEEE. I AM RAMBLING BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO FACE THE FACT THAT I AM TOASTED.

CRAP!!!!!!!!!! So I just figured out. 51.71 is going to be the charge when I only have 50 dollars on the card!!!!!!!!!!!! GOODNESS. Maybe I can call the place and see if they can fix that before it goes through. Right?

Can I?

Dream good. Dream safe. Dream crush call. Dream crush text’s back for once in a million light years. Don’t have the weird dreams that leave you wanting to not sleep because I need the sleep.

Okay, I solved my problem. Rest come now.

I called the card place and I spoke to a very nice gentleman. He said I didn’t have to worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW NICE!!!!!!!!
It’s gonna be a good day!!!! =)


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