What can I say?

I heart the sun.
But I detest the rain when lovely california sends rain over here.

I heart the uv rays it sends down to grant me some vitamin D.
but don’t really like being burned.

I love my phone.
I love my ipod.
I dislike the fact that each of those two things tend to break.

I love to mow the lawn.
I’m starting to like to pull weeds but still detest using the weed wacker. Wack them weeds.

I like clean carpet. I love my carpet cleaner.

I like to wash my car.
but I don’t like it when it rains right after I wash my car.

I’m going to go wash the baby car.
Wash ’em, Wash ’em, Wash ’em. Scrub ’em, Scrub ’em, Scrub ’em. Dry ’em, Dry ’em.
(the beginning is from GREASE!! Look at me, I’m Courtney Tee)


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