Wii Fit.

I’m stinking 39 years old on the machine. 20 years older, okay, 19.5 years older. So my balance isn’t the best but shesh, 39??????

So. I played wii fit. It kicked my butt. When you stand on the board, it goes “ohhhh.” like your putting the board into some sort of misery. Then it has you focus on BALANCE. WHO KNEW BALANCING MADE YOU MORE SORE? Gosh!!!

I’m going to play again today. I’ll have my cousin take a picture. I’m sure it will be FUNNY. Prepare. I may not leave my bed tomorrow but I will have some FUN!!

I’M GOING TO BE 20 IN OCTOBER. Holy snap. DId you know in Utah they say “Oh my heck” instead of “Oh my gosh.” Thought to ponder.

I’m gonna be sore.


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