Twinny Falls.

So, as you know, I went to Twin Falls this weekend. It was an eventful drive up. I was about to turn off to go to Boise on the freeway when a TRUCK two “cars” in front of me tire POPPED. The car in front of me drove over it and before I could move or do anything, it hit my car and thumped under.

Did you know that damage that could have happened to my car? I didn’t know that it could rip a hoe in my gas tank, my anti-freeze thing, my oil and other gadgets under my car.

Okay, so the only damage is…..

I came out lucky. The bottom grill is missing but it had a crack in it already. No gas leaks or anything along those lines. The black smudges came out with some wax.

On my way home, I was going the opposite direction and I found the tire and my grill, THREE lanes over. I chuckled to myself and kept going. The grill was in 4 pieces and I wouldn’t be able to salvage it anyways.


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