Thanksgiving Point!

Today was super duper mucho funno.

Pardon me, I just threw up in my mouth. Stupid tv.

But Thanksgiving point was fun. I am becoming pretty good friends with my cousin. She keeps me sane and gives me the baby cuddle time I need and I keep her hands free by holding her baby. But anyways, we went to thanksgiving point. Anyone from Utah knows what thanksgiving point is.

All i knew was its by CABALAS!!! Love Cabalas. Love the guns…. smirky smirk smirk!! Teehee…

Whoops. Sorry.. Thanksgiving point. Teehee. LOTS of pretty stuff. If I was loaded, I’d be in a whole bunch of trouble……$$$$$$….. I think I left my purse in the car for a good reason. Thanksgiving Point has the LARGEST MAN MADE WATERFALL IN THE WORLD.

Too bad I didn’t tour the 5 square mile gardens or go play golf there. Meh. Soon. Oh and I don’t really know how many miles the gardens cover, just a guess and it sounds amazing when you put a number to it.

Add to the to do list before I did- See the gardens, MAINLY, the waterfall, at Thanksgiving Point.

I’ve decided to grow my hair out to donate to LOCKS of LOVE! I only have 4 inches left to grow before I hit the 10 inches mark. I hope by October to have it full length so I can CHOP it. Wait, I’ve created a new do. It’s pretty cute. It’s a frenchy with a bun at the end.

Super cute. Tons of compliments.

Insta smile. =)

Or copy LC from the hills for a braiding of the bangs. Super cute.

I get to escape this weekend. Muhahaha. Who knows where I’ll be?? Muhahahah.

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