Flash Flood Outside my Front Door.

Oy Va. Where has this year gone?

My beautiful nieces are turning TWO, it just seems like they were born yesterday. Kayla is GRADUATING. That makes me feel like an old fart.

I have adopted 5 more children as my nieces and nephews. My cousin, Jen, has 2 boys and 1 girl and the middle boy said “That’s my aunt.” So I claim him. Then my twin falls family has a boy and a girl who I just adore. I’ve adopted them and i’ve been adopted into their family.

Let’s count my sweet nieces and lovely nephews: Brittney, Dani, Kayla, Mitch, Abby, Kylie, Angie, Brianna, Jacob, Jared, Bella, Clara, Bliss, Eli, Carson, Ryken, Blake, Binson, Piper, Noah, Mason, Mary. 22. Wowzers.

I love this saying “Life isn’t a matter of milestones but a matter of moments.” It makes me grateful for everything that has happened, that will happen and helps me understand why it happens. I am sitting at my kitchen table that my family used to eat at and I am so excited for what the future holds. I am excited that one day that Court and I and our boyfriends will all sit together and have dinner.

I now know how parents always say “it goes by in a blink of an eye” because it’s already JUNE. It seems like yesterday I got Macie.

Floods are happening everywhere. In Salt Lake, we had a “flash flood” as I like to call it. It poured for like 15 minutes of you can’t see if you have your windshield wippers on high and you can see the lovely house across the street rain. It was freaky. I thought of Washington. I thought of the time that I rain throughout my old old neighborhood while it was pouring. We lived on a circle. So while it was pouring, i ran barefoot through the neighborhood.

In Twinny Falls, my “sister’s” basement flooded. It’s all because of cracked cement. Yikes.

Fun lovely rain weather.

I miss sun.

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