Check yes if this applies?

I’m in Twin Falls, Idaho or to be specific, I’m in a small town, Filer, Idaho. It’s a cute place where a cute family lives. This cute family is my adopted sister and brother and where Macie’s mom and dad live. I love coming out here. It is a place where I get to escape. I rarely text, rarely talk on the phone and go and pick chicken eggs. I don’t wear make-up or dress my usual but I am in total bliss.

Bliss. What gives me bliss? There are many things that give me bliss. I feel amazing when I have gone to church on Sunday and felt like I have learned something from the talks given, the lessons prepared or even the people who have talked to you. Anything having to do with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church or The Mormon Church) makes me feel good.

Family. Always, Always gives me perfect bliss. Even if they are yelling at each other, it’s blissful. I have realized that family is special. I always knew that but now being 880 miles apart, I know that I am so grateful that Families can be together forever. I don’t think I could live without any of my sisters. They all are different but teach me so much.

Learning. Some hate to learn as I do too but I am always learning. There is never a dull moment. I have learned so much from being down in Utah that I sometimes feel like my head is about to POP, but it doesn’t.

Off topic but my nanny job is SWEET. It also allows me to be on a one on one bases with families who are set up differently then the “TYPICAL” family.

I don’t support or understand the decisions that the parents make but I love them because they are amazing people. I have seen people who judge others because of their decisions, actions and their lifestyles.

I don’t understand how they can blow smoke out of their bums when they don’t know the situation that the people they are judging are going through. They don’t know what their home life is. They don’t know what the most recent incident is. They don’t know squat but they jump to conclusions and assume that they know what is right.

It’s like my friend said “Never say something that you will regret, never type something that you don’t want connected to you and you never know when what you said will come back to bite you.”

Bliss is the atonement of Jesus Christ. Everything is forgiven and forgotten.

Road Trip: $70
Having a tire blow up in front of your car: ALOT OF MONEY
Seeing family and having no damage to your car: PRICELESS.

Check yes if this applies: Love my guardian angels.


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