Do you ever have the days where you just want to shave your head? Or the days you long for long hair that will do anything you want it to?

I have wanted LONG hair for so long. Right now, my hair is below my bra and I just recently cut 4 inches off. I’m having a little inklying to cut it to my shoulders!!!! Am I crazy?

But in all honesty, should I?

It would be pony tail length still but short compared to what I have had.

I also feel like dying it dark brown, again, but right now I’m stripping the color out of it so I’m not sure. THIS is the first time I have seen close to my natural color that I can remember of course.

I just found a CD from last summer. It was made for me and I listened to it and I almost peed my pants laughing so hard. A good belly laugh was needed.


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