Holy crud.

Realization—–On June 17th will be exactly one year since I graduated. Since then, I have accomplished so much. I can’t believe where I stand now. I went from depending on my “ex” boyfriend for the confidence to having the confidence to do a triathlon, to date amazing guys and be a social butterfly. I went from living with my parents to living on my own. I went from having ZERO jobs to having THREE jobs and going to school full time. I went from a Senior in high school to being a sophomore, 47 credits baby.

I recently was told that I was hung up on someone and I was so ticked off about that comment, I turned my phone off. I’ve been thinking about that comment a lot and I know that I am not. I used to be filled with bitterness, sadness and hatred but now I know that it wasn’t those feelings being felt towards that someone. It was the feelings I had toward myself. I was mad that I went away to school, that I was still single and bitter this someone joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the wrong reasons. It wasn’t until I talked to the missionary who baptized this someone and he told me that one days there will be someone who touches his heart to bring him back to the gospel. I was relieved. I didn’t know that I was carrying the weight of his baptism on my shoulders for nine months feeling like it was my fault that he went inactive. After that I felt all the feelings I was carrying lifted from me. Dang, I’m grateful that I have kept in contact with those missionaries.

But on a happier, hyper and crazy note: I DID TWO THIRDS OF MY TRIATHLON TODAY!!!!!! Can you believe it. This is coming from the girl who would be huffing and puffing running a mile with the tennis girls. I bike 12, TWELVE, miles. I swam a HALF of mile. I started the running part but my knee started killing so I was like time to quit. But I came home and mowed the lawns and washing and dried the car.

Holy Crud, I got the CUTEST shorts at Ny & Company. I don’t normally shop at other stores besides my guilty pleasure but I went with my cousin and I feel in love, deep love. This store was made for me. The pants didn’t show my bum crack because I have a bigger bum. The clothes just FLATTERED my whole body. I have come to realize that you look better when the clothes aren’t skin tight, the pants come higher on you and the shirts don’t show all of your lovely ta-ta’s.

Oh. I got the cutest swim suit. It’s a strapless one. I went swimming with Noah and Mason and I realized it isn’t a swim suit to swim in. Whooooppppsss.

Less than a month until I come to Washington. Watch out. It’s gonna be party time. Running around E-town will be amazing. Biking around E-town will be super duper fun and possibly swimming in Silver Lake…. GAG. Did I just say swimming in …….. SILVER LAKE….. I may have a death wish. Okay, no swimming in Silver Lake. I’ll be swimming in my backyard and driving around in the BUMBLE BEE!!


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