Tough Time Smell Bad.

Tough times suck.

Make a personal ‘smile’ list of 50 things that make you smile. Look at it every so often when times begin to suck.
Then smile.

My List

1. My family
2. My Friends
3. A good deep laugh that makes you cry and your stomach hurt.
4. Having clean sheets and a made bed.
5. A nap
6. finding a good deal on clothes
7. smelling good.
8. a good hair cut.
9. Fire.
10. kisses
11. walking
12. making it down a mountain after snowboarding
13. Music
14. Rocking out while driving.
15. the hugs that make you never want to let go
16. Getting sweet kisses from Bella, Bliss and Clara.
17. a fresh shower after you have been sweating for like ever.
18. Roses.
19. A sweet text to wake up to.
20. Finding a song that “speaks” to you.
21. Rollercoasters
22. When I get Macie out of her kennel and her ears go back and she gives me a kiss
23. Pictures.
24. Getting good mail.
25. Finding notes from forever ago that you can still remember the inside jokes to.
26. Getting a phone call from someone when you really need it. Mandy tends to always know when I need to talk.
27. Being able to look back and laugh.
28. MAKE-UP.
29. Getting new jewelry.
30. Washing your car and the next day NOT raining.
31. Having a clean house
33. Being able to just fall asleep.
34. the good cuddles that make everything seem okay.
35. Taking photos.
36. My blanky.
37. Sitting on Court’s bed and laughing.
38. Laughing at people.
39. Cookie Dough
40. Proving boys wrong, it rocks!!!
41. Looking back and being able to see where it has led you.
42. Being a tough girl, I can hammer, drill, climb ladders and so much more. I was going to say i can screw but then I realized the term was drill screws in….. stilllllll a little ranchy.
44. Watching Macie sleep.
45. Macie cuddling.
46. Having a good hair day/ discovering a new hair style
47. Walking around in your unders and not feeling like a skank.
49. The after effects of a good workout.
50. Enjoying each moment because they never come your way again.


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