My sister says…

I’m a hypochondriac.

I think the internet scares people into spending way to much money on “being” sick. Maybe that is why I have diagnosed myself with 3 possible injuries.

All require surgeries. I’m a joke when it comes to those things. Surgery? Naw, I’ll wait long enough for it to heal on it’s own like I did for my meniscus tear. Haha.

I tore my meniscus when I ran over my dear friend’s HEAD while snowboarding. Aren’t I loving and caring? She did stop me from doing the splits but didn’t stop me fast enough that I didn’t hear my knee POP and then SWELL up like a stinking softball.

Today, while I was swimming, because I can’t run cause my calf cramps and I can’t bike because my knee then throbs, my calf cramped up and my knee throbbed but I pushed through the pain and did my half mile swim in 26 (painful) amazing minutes.

This hypochondriac is going to go into a induced sleep. Have a good night.


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