No Title

Why do i have to come up with a creative title? I don’t feel the need nor do I want to.

Have you ever wanted something so badly and it seems like eternity will come BEFORE that day comes? That is how i feel. I want to fast forward 2 months. It will be July. I will be on the beach of Mexico tanning the whiteness of my skin away. Goodness.

But if I fast forward two months, I only have 2 months to get ready for the triathlon. AHHH!!! I’m going to die. I’m serious. It’s not even funny anymore. My bum always feels raw after riding the bike. How will I be able to swim, bike and THEN run? Meh. I’m doubting myself. I’m scared. It’s going to be rough. I’m going to have to be a very focus triathlon trainee…. when am I ever focused? I’m always doing two things at once.

For example: typing this and listening to someone else’s conversation.

Gosh Darnit.

Happy Nicki- Doodles?

Not so flattering.

I did accomplish getting my suit for swimming in LAKE WASHINGTON


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