Dog Lady.

That’s my name.
I am doing another round of puppy training, YAHOO.

I just got back from twinny falls, Idaho where I spent Easter weekend with my adopted family. I brought home my parents puppy, he is super cute, names Z-O. Cute story, but I don’t feel like sharing.

I’m flipping tired of Utah weather. It’s giving me grief. It’s ridiculous. Stop snowing.

I was at target with my adopted sister, Wendy and we saw little pots with the seeds and soil in them!! I got strawberries and basil. She ended up getting strawberries, basil, oregano, sweet peppers, and chives. I’m so stinking excited. I hope they grow. Next year, I think I’m going to do a full blown garden. I can’t this year because of my lovely puppy likes to dig.

This week is a lame week for me. I’m boring since I now have a 6 week old puppy that whines and has to go potty a lot.

My goodness, I had the worst and weirdest dream last night. I woke up and was so grateful it was just a dream. Who wants unwanted people haunting their dreams? Shesh. But it was gratifying. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Okay, you convinced me to share how Z-O got his name. My dad is addicted to corvettes, you all know what that is, right? Well, there is a certain type of corvette that my dad wants, it’s a zo6 which is faster and way cooler. Instead of getting a corvette, he is getting a best friend that is his replacement for his want of a zo6 so Z-O was born.


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