The Crazy Strikes Again!

You remember this post?

Well. Since that post, I’ve kept my distance. But seeing as I have a 4 month old puppy who loves to be outside, I have to keep my gate shut. WWIII broke out. That was a month ago.

This week…. there has been a hole about the size of a dinner plate in the fence which recently my little terror discovered and considering she wants to play with Crazy’s dog, she escapes through. So not wanting to cause drama, I get some wire to close up the hole……

WORLD WAR FOUR has broken out. She took the wire I used and un-did every loop, okay, it was about 4 feet of wire. She bought her own wire to fix it and threw my wire into my yard.

I’ll keep you posted on if I make it out of here alive.

Little does she know, I am bringing another puppy home with me. MUHAHAHAHAHA.

p.s. how do I make it so you can click and go to a previous posting?


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