Sunny Weather Came My Way!!!

So, I am the biggest, lamest, loserest, and sickest but most awesomeest person around. Wanna know why?

Why I am the biggest, lamest and loserest? Oh Kay, here it goes.
I am training for a triathlon. You remember that fact I shared publicly for the WHOLE BLOGGER WORLD to know? Well, I haven’t been working out everyday for the past 3 weeks.

Week One: I was in Washington, spring break, I’m allowed.
Week two: It snowed and on the days it was clear, I did walk. Brownie points for me. Oh, brownies sound good.
Week Three: The Flu. ‘nough said. But I did work out twice and both times afterwards, lets just say it’s not worth it.

SO in the past 3 weeks, I have worked out EIGHT times. That’s nothing compared to my going out everyday. See why I am the biggest, lamest and loserest person out there?

Why I am the sickest? I’ve been sick for a flipping gosh darn week in a half. It’s like the walking flu. Have you ever heard of that? I haven’t but dude, let me tell you, it sucks hardcore.

But I am awesomest because… just wait for it……. I washed my car. I vacuumed my car. I washed the windows of my car. I vacuumed my house. I gave the spoiled dog a bath. I cleaned the bath tub. I cleaned the fireplace. I got an 82% on my stupid ed psych midterm and an 85% on my ethnics midterm.

I think that explains it all.

Oh, apparently, I’m engaged. This was news to me. I told my mother that she will have a new son-in-law pretty soon and she was as shocked as I was.

So I am officially announcing my fake engagement so others won’t be shocked. =)

When do you think it will rain? I did just wash my car. I know…. yell at me when it rains.

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