After seeing Macie’s breeder on Friday, she advised us to take Macie to a vet regarding the “bunny hop.” If you watch the video of her playing in the snow, you see it a little bit but when we were at the breeders, she was full on face planting from her little hop.

When I got to Washington, I set up an appointment to see my previous dog’s vet. Today, Macie got x-rays. She was so stoned she cuddled me, which is very rare. The reason she had to be stoned was because they had to have her lay on her back with her legs down, a position dogs don’t do.

We went over the x-rays and found only a little imflammation which was a relief because Tucker died because of koshing’s and Roxie died because of an enlarge heart. I wasn’t ready to have yet another dog taken away because of some medical condition.

In two years, we will revisit the x-rays and until then I may have a sweet bunny hopper, she may grow out of the bunny hop but she’ll never grow out of her sweetness.

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