Happy St Patty’s Day!!

Happy St. Patty’s Day a day late!

I’m so glad I’m on spring break!! It’s super exciting seeing my FRIENDS and FAMILY!!

I have such a cute little nephew. He is amazingly sweet and talkative! Love him to pieces!!

It was so fun to see Nicki and the boys.
“Where’s your puppy?”
“She’s sleeping.”
“Go wake her up.”

It was fan-tab-u-lous to watch my beautiful niece kick butt at tennis. Oh, yeah, it was my high school she won against!! Go Panthers!!

It was fun-task-ic to see my sisters.

It was cool-ness to go to ice cream with Ryan! =)

Who knew that Kel-bell and I would be tight again but it was super fun driving and yelling at uglies.

It’s been super duper fun hanging out with my parents!!

Oh gosh, I forgot. I went shooting and shot the heck out of my target. Don’t mess with the bestest, oh, that’d be me. My target is a 9×9 and i get 90% on that target. Shoot dawg. Then the shell hit me in the face. hahaha.

It has been stinking too much fun. I’m somewhat ready to go home. It means that Courtney will soon be moving in. I am so excited for her to move in. Oh, that’s about it.


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