Angel or Devil?

On my 19th birthday, I went out with my neighbor to go shopping. We are shopping, goofing off and just having some fun when I get this phone call from a flower shop. They ask me if I will be home by 3 and I say “of course.” So we start to end our shopping trip and head home when we are pulling out of the parking lot I get the phone call stating they will bring the flowers in 2 days. I was like “sure?” and I told my neighbor what happen so she was like “call them back and tell them we are on our way to their shop to get your flowers.” I call them and repeat the message to their ANSWERING MACHINE. 3 Minutes after closing and they refuse to answer the phone!!! I was livid but I was driving to the flower shop to get my flowers.

We get to the flower shop, doors locked, and lights off. We walked around the building and it turned into a mortuary/funeral home. That door was unlocked so we walked in and ended up in the flower shop. I opened the flower fridge, reached in and grabbed my flowers and walked out.

Okay, so I stole the flowers my parents paid for from a mortuary but I was stealing what was MINE, right?

Now, think of my as an angel still but when I got home from classes on monday, I had TWO bouquets of flowers sitting on my table…..


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