The Single, Carefree, Fun Loving days are GONE!!

That is what happens when you get a child. My child just happens to be a 2 month, 1 day old Scottie Terrier. She is a spit fire. She loves to play and loves to bound her way through the snow. I left Utah as a Single, Carefree, Fun-Loving person and now I am a Single, Watch the clock, Nervous Mother.

I had a hint that Macie, the puppy, would take up so much time but I didn’t know that I’d be a dumby when it comes to training her.

“Macie, No.” “Macie, Go potty.” “Macie, No Bite Momma.” “Macie this, Macie that.” seems to be the only words that come out of my mouth.

Here I am, 6 days later and confused as ever but loving every minute of it. I can’t see myself with out her.

Good-bye to those days and Hello to my new adventure.


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