Almost a full month off.

It’s been many long terrible days. Finals, Coma’s, Deaths, A Funeral, I’m just now being able to sit down and write. I still can’t believe my Grandma Eva Lavene Wolfenbarger Bell passed away only 4 days ago. It feels like alot longer than that. I got the news that she wasn’t doing very well on the 11th, the weekend I was cramming for finals.

I talked to her and vowed to myself that I would study and get good grades on my finals just for her. I ended up studying for over 35 hours in 3 days. I worked 15 hours of those 3 days also. I read over 500 pages in my books. I have never studied in my lifetime and that weekend, I learned how to thanks to Grandma,

I finished my finals. Packed my bag. Shoveled snow. Cleaned the house. Did my laundry and left the next morning to fly to the freezing state of Washington. I spent the rest of that day with my Grandma, even though she had the death rattle going and was in a natural coma. I left the hospital and sat in traffic for an hour and a half because of the wonderful snow storm that is plaguing Washington.

I went to bed and than was woken up at 1:20 AM Thursday morning. She had passed away at 12:15, just an hour earlier.

This family went on auto pilot. Finishing tasks that needed to be done before the funeral. FInishing Christmas decorations. Now, Sunday morning, the auto pilot has been turned off and we are all facing the reality.

What a wonderful woman my Grandma was. She had over a hundred people at her funeral and it hadn’t even been announced in church. If it would have been announced, the chapel and the gym would have been full. She touched so many lives with just her thoughtful ways. Always giving, always sharing and always being a friend.

Even in the last days of her life, she was thinking of others. “Wally, Did you get the candy to Dr. King?” “Jan, Did you make the potato bags for so and so?” and after every question she would say “thank you.”

I want to become more like my Grandma. I want to be the type of person she was. I want to be more kind and more giving just like her.

Eva Lavene Wolfenbarger Bell. Thank you.


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