Thank you.

I found this on someone else’s blog. It was made for what he wanted in a girl but as I read it, I grew to love it. I read it. I changed it to fit me. I changed it to what I would want. I wanted to publicly thank him for this inspiring post even if it was 5 years later and I just copied it.

Guys, I’m not going to lie… I want someone cuddly and that likes to hold me… I want someone that can help me with my trials and that will be willing to let me cry on their shoulder. I want someone who is comfortable with their looks that makes them cute. I want a guy that would be willing to drive (his car or mine). I want someone that will hold me and let me sit on their lap.

I want someone that thinks long walks are more then a great date. I want a guy that I can go to for comfort. I want a guy that if he is having a bad day he will either ask me to come over or drive over. A guy that will know that he can call me ANY time no matter what and not ever fear ill get mad and that I can do the same to him. I want a guy that will take a nap with me and sleep so well that he will want to take another one soon. I want a guy who wants me. I want a guy that will talk to me about anything/everything. I like tall guys and I like to fit nicely into my arms and have him like it. I want a guy that does not mind that I am willing to become a better person for him as well as myself. And I want a guy that will not mess around with other girls while we are dating and if he can tell me she wont honestly then I wont care if he hangs out with other girls. I want a guy who want me to come chill with his friends because I make them as well as him laugh.

I want a guy who has parents that give me a chance and I can take that chance to let them know I am worthy of their sons love. And in so much he will know that when I say I love him that it is that I love him and not that I want to use him… I am just one of those girls that finishes last, because I choose to be nice and if you don’t like it then I still like you and I don’t have to care if you like me being nice…

I’m not going to Moab. I’m going to my cousins for a priesthood blessing. Maybe that will help make some sense of this mess.


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