Easter and the whole crazy thing.

Tonight, I went up to my sister’s mom’s house with one of my sisters, her children and her friends. Most of my other sisters were up there and it was pretty fun. It was somewhat weird when I had to be introduced. “Hi this is so and so’s ex-husband’s new wifes daughter.” Just a wee bit awkward. It just made me realize I don’t want to have to put my kids through that. Mainly, I’m going to be faithful to my husband and not have an affair.

It is so funny how everything that I see going on today, I relate it to when I will be a mom or how I will be able to use that piece of information for when I will be on my own.

Totally embarrassing story: So I like to use guy deoderant and I was using old spice. Yesterday after tennis, I took my shirt off and I notice I had “left over” deoderant in my armpit. I went to brush it off and it was SKIN. I was like “oh no.” It turns out the deoderant kind of gave me a chemical burn. =[ I now have medication for my ARMPITS of all things.


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