First off, I got accepted into the University of Utah. Very exciting, still.

I passed my CE!!! Woot Woot!

I’ve been thinking. Becki has gotten closer to another friend and as sad as it is, I don’t really care. She can be friends with whoever she wants. If this was happening a year ago, I would’ve gone and tried to figure out what I did that was wrong but today, I could careless. Does that make me heartless?

Back up story to this reasoning.
I got a text from Becki saying something along the lines of if I was mad at her, I should tell her what she did wrong. Of course, nothing was wrong. I just don’t go out of my way to text someone who doesn’t text me, if you get my drift, so I haven’t been texting her or going out of my way to talk to her because she has been ditching me for Kristin. not that I care because of the whole lying crap about BJ. Even though I said I wouldn’t care, it’s sickening to see the behavior. Example: Becki and BJ meeting up after school but they don’t even care to leave the SCHOOL parking lot to have sex. So walking out to my car, I walk past the car they are in, windows are totally fogged up. Its just gross to me. At least go somewhere else where people from school wont be walking past you.

I guess I’ve grown up alot in the last year. I’ve become an independent person who doesn’t always need to depend on people.

It’s about time. =]


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