I just recieved my acceptance letter from U of U. I’m so excited. It is such a relief to know that I actually am going there. I’m collegebound now!! Only 6 months until I leave. =]

Its going to be a year of changes.

Tennis is just around the corner. I need to start getting into shape or else I’m going to die from all the running. Ah! not excited.

I’m presenting my CE project in 2 days. I’m starting to get really nervous. I talk too fast. I’m sorry my brain works that way. People should accept that but no, I have to slow down or else I don’t pass and don’t graduate. Humpf.

Well, I have to go clean. My room is like a tornado hit it. I do not like it one bit.

I’m excited. I can’t wait. I’m one step closer to my future.

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