Christmas Came and Went.

I was thinking about how weird it that all the time you prepare for Christmas, it ends in 2 hours or less. But it does make it that much more fun. I don’t know how though.

For Christmas this year, I got….

-A tiffany’s bracelet
-My class ring.
-A pair of ugg boots
-A pair of ugg slippers
-A black coat
-A nice shirt
-Some make-up
-A door mat for the Utah house
-A picture for the Utah house
-Bake and Save tupperware for the Utah house
-Oil Warmer Upper for oils and burning T-Lights
-Juicy Perfume
-Be Delicious by DNKY perfume
-A Burberry bag, it was free
-A DNKY bag, it was free
-Books, already read 2 of the 3
-A CD and DVD by John Bytheway
-Josh Groban CD
-Blankets for the Utah house

This Christmas has kinda calmed me down about moving. I know that I will be getting the proper stuff that will help me live on my OWN.

That is so weird to say.

It snowed too. It didn’t stick but it snowed.


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