December 23rd 2007 and Goals.

Why is it raining so much? It is 2 days before Christmas so it should be snowing, at least in my mind. It looks depressing outside, not the type of weather I want to go out in.

For starting the new year, I was thinking that maybe I should think of some goals that would be for next year, 2008. Some of the “ideas” I have include a triatathon (ha), another would just be become really fit (maybe lose like 400 pounds, just kidding), another would be to be able to handle money well. I know that me handling money will be a LONG process but lately I’ve been good. I normally always have enough money for me to fill up my car twice at all times. That is a big step for me. I need to now move on to budgeting. This much goes here, this much goes there, 10% goes to the Lord, that type stuff.

I think I want to stick to the getting fit “idea”/goal. The benefits for it will be great. I’ll be healthier, which is a total plus and I will feel better about myself. I’m not saying that I don’t like my body now because I’ve accepted it. Its not perfect, boy its far from that, but I was given it so I gotta live with it and love it for what it is.

Like I said yesterday, I want to be able to relieve stress by exercising. I want to be able to go out and say to myself, “Let’s go exercise” and be able to go and think about whatever is bothering me, not thinking about my breathing that its too fast or that I’m sweating way to much for only to be jogging for 5 minutes. I want exercising to be FUN.

My thoughts are if I want a buff husband, I better be doing something to deserve one. =) Vain and all but it makes it worth it. Totally scandalous but I wanna look hot for him, in more ways than one. Oh wow. That’s a little, um, whats the word, DIRTY.

Oh my. I love the smell of guy deodorant and guy cologne. It is the smell that comforts me. I don’t know why but it does.That was completely random. I thought of that because today at church, this guy named Zach, Sara William’s brother, walked pasted me and I could smell him and it just was comforting like I said. I don’t like the strong stuff, I just like the masculine smelling stuff that also has a hint of feminine in it. I really don’t know how to explain what smells I like, as you could probably tell. I wear guy deodorant that’s how much I like the smell.

Another Tangent. I was looking at all my clothes and I noticed that all my shirts are actually modest in the way that g wearing people need their clothes to be. It made me happy because I know that I won’t have to by all new clothes to fit a life style that I should have already been dressing by, HA.

I’m probably going to slow down writing but another goal I have is to write at least once a month, even more. Good goal? I think so.

My Goals: To become physically fit and to write in my “blog” at least once a month.


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